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Monday, 1 July 2013

Viet Hoa Hot Bread

The humble Viet roll, a complex sandwich with many flavours and textures for a bargain price. The McDonald's of Asian cuisine, best thing to satisfy late night cravings, its hard to get it wrong, crispy fresh bread, bit of chicken/pork, mayo and some vege's, and we think we found the best one!! 

Left chicken $5 , Right Pork $4 
We found this place late one night after getting the munchies. Wandering around the western suburbs we were looking for something satisfying and filling but not oily, very hard to find late at night. We stumbled across a small bread shop open late at night in Cabramatta. We both got the chicken roll initially then ventured to the pork roll.
Customers can make the roll with differing ingrediants to suit taste
The customer can choose between chicken or pork roll, $4 or 5 respectively, and then add a selection of parts to the sandwich. It is broken down into several key components.

Bread - The Vietnamese roll is golden and crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside

Chicken - Grilled

Pork - Comes in three components: Barbecue, Cha Lua (Vietnamese Devon), and Nem (cured) 

Mayo: unflavoured and creamy

Vege's & Herbs: Coriander (optional, some think its too overpowering), spring onion, cucumber, carrot, chilli (very important)

Sauce: Combination of fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar garlic, vinegar, and stock

Prices as of July 2013

This is quite simply one of the best places for us, its flavoursome, its got texture, it's filling and its really really great value for money. One of our favourite places to eat, our recommendation is to go for the chicken in summer and spring which has a more fresh crisp taste and the pork in the colder temperatures as it is more hearty and filling. This bread shop is like no other and better than many others we've tried hence why we are back all the time. For midnight munchies or a great budget meal, this place has our tick of approval.

Happy Eating :)

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94 John Street
Cabramatta, NSW , 2166
Phone : 02 9728 7198
Open 24/7

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