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Monday, 15 July 2013

Lakemba Street-Side Camel Burger Grills

Once a year the main street of Lakemba is transformed each night into the bustling heart of the Inner West of Sydney. During the month of Ramadan the street is alive, all the shops open, street vendors, and people each way you look. Being a local I still had to park 3-4 minutes away from the main street at 8pm, but the walk is well worth it. One of my favourite dishes is served up fresh, the Camel Burger.

One of my gym mates has a stall I keep returning to each year, in my opinion of the best on the street, he usually sets up next to the Civic Video, which is easy to spot.

The Charcoal Grill street stall offers several options, including shish kebabs, wraps, and burgers, with lamb, chicken, beef and of course Camel.

Variety of toppings can be added, FREE of charge, lettuce, beetroot, tomato, jalapeƱo's
As well as a large range of sauces, Mayo, Chili, Tomato, BBQ, Garlic

Camel has been eaten for centuries throughout the Middle East and Asia, but not very common in Australia, despite their large population in the country. All the meat is locally sourced from the Northern Territory and South Australia and is a by-product of the callings that take place.

For anyone that hasn't tasted camel or is hesitant the best comparison would be beef but more succulent. It is definitely something I look forward to each year.

Cooked fresh in front of you

The stall provides several options including the wraps, burgers and skewers in a variety of meats. They cost starts at $7 a piece and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to grill up depending on how busy it gets.
Lamb Kebab Wrap

Burger buns being prepped

My favourite combination at the moment is the Camel Burger, with cheese, lettuce, B.B.Q sauce, and a hint of chilli sauce, this I find brings out the taste of the Camel really well. If you decide to take home instead of having their and then I recommend heating up for 20-30 seconds in the microwave to bring the flavour back.

The finished product

I haven't met anyone yet who has tried and denied the great taste of this meat. The charcoal flames add a different dimension to this flame-grilled burger, the smell of the charcoal infuses into the meat and gives it a unique smell and flavour, one of my absolute favourite meals.

If like myself you are hooked to the meat, Camel is readily available at Abu Alam Butchery in Punchbowl opposite the train station, in patty form.

The Charcoal street grills will only be around for the next 20 days so if your adventurous or simply curious I urge you to come down to Lakemba and sample this dish. There are several different specialty stalls in operation and the street is buzzing each night, so definitely a worthwhile visit to Sydney's Inner West.

Happy Eating :)

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Location: Haldon Street, Lakemba
Hours: Sunset to Late

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