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Sunday, 10 November 2013


New job, new schedules, new life , well, kinda .... whilst meeting the pressures of adult life , one thing has remained constant, food, and my quest to find new things. Despite not posting for a while, my new found wealth has helped fund a more exciting and interesting food adventures and over the coming weeks I'll hopefully be able to introduce you to the hidden wonders in the suburbs of Sydney. 

Our journey starts again on a spring afternoon, moderate temperatures, perfect for a lunch. Waking up early on a Saturday is not something I look forward to but this was an exceptional case and by the hearsay well worth the effort.
In amongst the smorgasbord that Newtown provides , hidden away in a tight dark alley way, is absolute gem. Walking past it you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a crack house ( because it once was one .... well a STI clinic, and a Greek club, a Masonic Centre ... and so on) and never knowing it existed. But buried inside are the best tasting burgers in all of Sydney.

A bold claim by any , but even more so for a restaurant based in a shady side street.  
Walking in we weren't sure what to expect, but we're greeted by a modern , sheik bistro, run by ex-Tetsuya's head chef Luke Powell, truly a wolf in disguise.  

Hanging tungsten bulbs in old Jack Daniels bottle, a requirement of any modern establishment these days 

Settling in upstairs we got a birds eye view of the whole place, modern fittings with a twist of Newtown. 
An interesting concept at Mary's is the limited menu it presents, and also the fact that its on the walls...

A great concept in my books, Ms Foodblogger could only flounder so long on her choice of main. We quickly came to the conclusion that we couldn't go past the the temptation of the Mary's Burger, and a side of Half bird. 
At night Mary's transforms into a bar, as such it also had an extensive cocktail and drinks menu and very knowledgeable waiters.

Malibu Daiquiri $16

Ms Foodblogger indulged in her Daiquiri, very refreshing, and expertly created by the maestro Kenny Graham of Porteno's (Two Chefs Hats). In my opinion though it tasted like a really tasty sunscreen. 

Being on the second floor situated right on top of the kitchen we could smell the aroma floating up and we could barely keep from drooling, it was magnificent. But thankfully we didn't have to wait for long.

Mary's Burger $14

Fried Chicken - Half Bird $16

At this point I could barely take photos, it smelt incredible! I resisted long enough to take a few snaps before digging in. 

It was indeed the best burger in Sydney, the flavours combine to form heaven in one's mouth, flame grilled to perfection, and made with quality meats, two parts mince to one part of brisket and rump, its literally soaking in  fatty deliciousness. The buns are slightly sweet and warmed in the same oil as the burger pattie, the cheese grilled to the meat, all topped with Mary's special sauce. Amazing is an understatement. 

The fried chicken was a pleasant as well, but after having the burger equivalent of nirvana, any dish would find it difficult to impress. 
The chicken was free range and you could really taste the difference, it actually tasted like real chicken. A difficult concept to explain, I myself have a family farm back in the old country and chickens run wild, literally. Fed only on worms and grains they can find naturally they have a distinct taste. Not to meaty but full of flavour. Mary's replicated flavour like none I have had in Sydney before, my only qualm with the dish was the size, I only wish I ordered the whole chicken.

Mary's was a big surprise, I came in expecting a hyper inflated ego of a restaurant trying to make a name, but boy was I shocked. It truly is one of my favourite haunts now, not too expensive, but packed with amazing!  

Through my journey I started to lose focus on the important things, price does not equate quality and posh is no substitute for flavour. I realised something, no matter the field, the best and brightest don't advertise on neon signs or charge an arm and a leg, they don't need plaudits and acclaim to justify there existence , they do what they do because they love doing it , their reward the smile on your face, and the story you tell to others.

Happy Eating  


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