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Saturday, 3 August 2013


A close friend recommended I try Bills. Did a bit of background research and was very impressed.  A self taught cook, owner and head chef Bill Granger started his first cafe in 1993, and since then grown his operation throughout several Sydney locations and around the world. With his simple cooking style and and elegant presentation its a popular place for locals and tourists.

Ms Foodblogger and I planned to have a nice Sunday brunch to sample Bills specialities, unfortunately neither of our body clocks agreed to an early start.

No bookings are required for groups under 10 people so we walked in and signed our name to the list of people waiting.

Five minutes later we were at out table, menu's in front, water being poured and absorbing the great atmosphere.

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Left: Lemon, Lime and Bitters $5
Right: Mimosa $14.50 

Zucchini Fries, nigella seed and tahini yoghurt $9.50

Sunday means RBT everywhere and I had driving duties that day so had to stick to a lemon, lime and bitters, Ms Foodblogger on the other hand indulged on a Mimosa. Great way to start the meal, both hand made in the restaurant, both top notch.

Our waiter Ian had a deep African American accent, having recently moved from New York, it was rich and thick, we couldn't turn down his recommendation, the Zucchini Fries for entree. A specialty of the restaurant, definitely not something I've seen elsewhere, definitely something I would love to have again. Its hard to describe the taste, its like fries but without the mushy inside, but still full of flavour. Its also not that filling, not to say it was bad, but we were famished not having had breakfast, we couldn't wait for mains.

Slow braised lamb shoulder, root vegetables, and spiced quinoa salad $26

Yellow fish curry, brown rice and cucumber relish $26.00

I wanted to play safe and got the lamb, well cooked and very tender, and the quinoa was a great accompaniment to the meat. The yoghurt though overwhelmed it a little, I left it on the side and had a little with my each spoonful.

The Yellow fish curry was just simply amazing, one of the best Thai dishes I've had, in and out of Thai restaurants. The fish was soft but not crumbling, the curry flavoured, the fish had no essence of the fishy smell at all, and the brown rice was puffy and absorbed the sauces. A knockout dish, definitely a must have. 

The lunch was very filling but we left just enough room for dessert.

Chocolate fudge brownie $7.00

As I've stated before I can't resist a brownie. Served slightly warm with cream, OHH MYY GOD this was good, Bills definitely know how to make a brownie, I cannot state how good this was, Ms Foodblogger was on one of her week long diets but even she couldn't resist, it was simply amazing, you cannot go to Bills without having this brownie. 

We had a great time at Bills that day, the interior is modern and contemporary but not stuffy and quiet. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with plenty of room to be yourself. The food is great, its cooked well and presentation is also impeccable, the tastes were clean and crisp and very filling. Bills is definetly worth a visit, and advise everyone to try the Brownie

Happy Eating

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